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Bơm định lượng QT366

Thương hiệu: Khác
Loại: Khác
Mã SP: B294
Giá: 690,000₫ (Chưa có VAT)


  • Brand new

  • Motor: 12V/24V DC motor

  • DC motor current: 0.5-1.4A

  • Working environment: 0-40, relative humidity, 80%

  • Medium flow: the flow direction of this pump depends on the positive and negative connections

  • Flow range: 0 - 500ml/min

  • Tube: inner diameter * outer diameter (6.4mm * 9.6mm)

  • Wall thickness: 1.6mm

  • The maximum diameter: 9.6mm

  • Tube material: transparent silicone tube

  • Shell material: PC

  • Rolling wheel: POM

  • Roller type: ball bearing

  • Pump cover: hand twist screws, quick disassemble convenient tube replacement

  • Can be equipped with constant speed DC deceleration motor, stepper motor (adjustable speed) and synchronous motor, long motor life and low noise stepper motor


  • Correction rollers take adjustment action to facilitate the user to replace the tube avoid clipping and breaking the tube due to lack of experience

  • Ball bearings in the wheel frame, silent, long life time

  • Stainless steel screws, rust corrosion resistance

  • Set the card slot to prevent deviation correction, pump damage

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