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Bơm định lượng AK47

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We Know Peristaltic Pumps!!!
We provide Custom-Made service & Technical Support, 24 hours everyday
We are Original Manufacture with 30+ years experiences and ISO9001 certification. OEM, ODM, and Custom-made are welcome!
Samples will be available for FedEx to pick up from the Honlite factory in China, 3 days after payment received. 

Pump Constructions



  • Precise 1000ml +/- 8% per minute flow rate

  • Exchangeable Pump Head in Transparent

  • Pre-installed enclosure for easy operation and better protection

  • Honlite made DC brush motor with quality assurance

  • POM made pressure rotor with 2 units pressure roller

  • High quality Pharmed BPT® peristaltic tube meets USP Class VI criteria

  • Preassembled food grade PP made barbed fitting for 5.5mm(ID) external tube

  • Wide customization options

  • Quick tube replacement (no tools required)

  • Quiet operation

  • Long maintenance free operation life

  • High quality manufacturing and materials

  • Cover lock for bi-directional operation

  • Sleek design

  • 18 months manufacturer warranty

  • Snap-in or screw mount installation

  • ISO 9001 supplier

  • RoHS compliant

  • Low cost


Ordering Information


Patented Replaceable Pump Head:

  • Pump head can be replaced within 5 seconds

  • The best solution to deal with the difficulties from tube replacement

  • The best way to stay away from pollutions during tube replacement

Exch ZB-L

Specifications: (Custom-Made is Welcome)


Pump Performances


Outstanding External Design









Compact Size








Enhanced DC Brush Motor with Planetary Gearbox

  • Honlite offered different speed DC brush motors for different flow rate pumps.

  • Please contact Honlite service desk if you have special requirements for the motor

  • Honlite is also a manufacture for electrical motors.

Brush Motor GB-L







Options for Various Colors

Various Color

Options for Various Types of the Fittings 

  • Honlite is willing to invest the new types of fitting for the long term business partner.

  • Honlite is willing to change the fitting material for the long-term business partners.

Fitting Options w Fram

Options for Various Types of the Peristaltic Tubes

  • Honlite is willing to check the possible chemical resistance for the long-term business partners

  • Honlite is willing to keep the different types of tube inventory for the long-term business partners.

New-Tube Options fram-L






Easy Installation

  • The enclosure can allow you to attach the pump to the wall.

  • You can either make the fittings up or down as long as you can keep the external tube without bending. 

  • It will be a better idea to install the pump upon the source tank and target tank. 

  • Please contact Honlite service desk for further support in case you need more detail information.








Sterilization methods for the peristaltic tube

  • Autoclavable: 30 min at 121°C

  • Gas (Ethylene Oxide): Yes

  • Gamma: 50kGy

Honlite did not sterilize the tubing system during production






ISO9001 Certification for Manufacturing and Development

  • Honlite is ISO9001 manufacture who focuses on production and development quality.

  • Honlite only produces quality products and always stands behind the products what we sold.

  • Honlite has its own factory and commits to produce quality products.








  • Please consider using this pump with 2 minutes on 20 minutes off duty cycle. It is the way to keep the temperature of the motor down. The plastic gears may fail in case the motor tempertaure is too high.

  • The flow rate was defined by water. In case you intend to use this pump to manage a fluid with viscosity then the flow rate will be imapcted. The higher the viscosity of the fluid is, the lower the flow rate will be. In the worst case, the pump may not be able to manage the fluid at all. 

  • If you intend to connect this product to AC power source directly then you will need to obtain AC-DC transformer separately.

  • This product does not include AC-DC transformer.

  • If you intend to use this pump to manage the fluid for human, please make sure you sterilize the entire tubing system at your own risk. Honlite did not sterilize the tubing system during production.

For samples, pricing and further information please contact:

Honlite Industrial Co., Ltd.  &   Peripump LLC




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